SUMMUM KLAN – Le K (English lyrics)

1st verse (Beamer) :
Don’t shake Satan’s hand, don’t waste time, double in two quarters
I remember back in 2k10, I was already what you’ll be in 2k30
Homeboy, it’s actually a game, there’s talents, and there’s charlatans
Don’t make any noise when you close the door, people were waiting on me like the summer holidays
D’puis la base c’est l’Beam’, oh ouais l’Beam’, puis l’Big Bang, l’origine (??)
Oh yeah, those euro bills in the jeans, I feel like King Kong in the cities
They’re crazy for wanting to mess with death, ice-o-lator
is enough when I elaborate, enough when I’m pissed off
Gucci quand j’ai la slushy ou bien la goji là c’est la dope (??)
You gotta change candle, change register, change cause
Choose to tempt the impossible, your pussy is wet now
I think all this is nothing but a bad dream, Donal Trump with an Uzi, Uzi, Uzi

2nd verse (Juni Qwano) :
(A-a-at the ski resort in a Jee-Jee-Jee, if you take off your strin-tring-tring)
I’m about to go to the lake in a Audi, to the ski resort in a Jeep, bitch
If you take off your g string it’s no longer a strip, han
She’s giving me her mouth, I swear I never spit in her little pussy
Life is like slangin, I smoke that shit and end up looking like Jackie Chan
Gang-gang, I’m in the clique, the drugs are in a Kipsta
Back where I live it’s trap, bitches, (??) cristal
Coke in small bags, I come through and just shoot it like Kristaps
We put that in your sinapses, we’re in blue like benji, like 2k, in blue like zidane
I’m inhaling the cali weed in the villa and the (??)
I want that shit, I’m drunk, 24/7 I’m in this shit
Take off your jeans, this is no longer a (??), take off your g string, it’s no longer a strip

3rd verse (JMK$) :
(Validated, I don’t give a fuck about being validated, I’m the prince of the town, I’ll soon be king, I’m the heir)
I’m wearing my crown VVS, from my fingers to my balls, I want gold VVS
It’s either I’m king or I’m nothing becasue I’m selfish, I want the bread and everyday the gains
Validated, I don’t give a fuck about being validated
I’m the rpince of my town, I want gold, VVS
You gotta be a CEO with a “K”, right now I just hurt you with a bus
I fucked her so hard with a cable, we’re le klan with a “K”
I spit in it, she goes crazy, I offer her a 24 carats chains
And I hide my racks in the backpack, you wanna spit your anger, I’ll go sharpen my blade
Paris North, Marseilles North, so it’s a must for me to wear my moonboots
Tight Lacoste, I’ve got the anti bodies to your viruses
I do my things just for the sake of it, I do my thing just to shut them up
I go “woah” on her ass, yeah, JMK : never stressed out

SUMMUM KLAN – LE K (English lyrics)


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