Tede & Sir Mich – Żelipapą (English lyrics)

Titular ‘Żelipapą” is a non-existend word invented by an ‘artist’ who
‘blessed’ Polish YouTubers by showcasing his ‘mad skillz’. Here’s a link to his famous
Francois Freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZiyuhWQxt0
Tede’s song is an irreverent look at this trend, that is, copycatin’ (both clothing
and rappin’ style) in this particular case from France.

Oh, Michael, they’re askin’ me how I feel about French rap
and I tell them that I don’t listen to French rap.
I don’t know French rap.
Je m’appelle Tede, je suis NWJ, salope.
(My name is Tede, I’m NWJ, bitch)
Ta gueule, salope.
(Shut your mouth, bitch)
Je ne comprends pas.
(I don’t understand)
Où le vas la trap, comment ça va
(Where’s that trap?)
Comme ci, comme ci, comme ça, voyage, voyage *1

[First verse]
Garçon Xero, Garçon Xero (xeroboy).
Yes, they are. They have no shame
and just like you they hold the rap scene in contempt.
Not really bon ton, they’re copycats *2
but they’ve been tellin’ me I was a one.
Si qu’a la font, piss off, au revoir (oui, oui) *3
We’re more about ‘melange’ *4
Blanche de blanche in red mug.
‘Avalanche’ descends in my own club (he probably means coke)
and after it stops I’m drinkin’ Perlage.
I eat croissant, I’m drinkin’ champagne,
I’m eating bon bon with my fondue.
My madame smokes Vouge, there’s Auchan round the corner.
Je ne parle, ne comprends pas.
(I don’t speak, I don’t understand)
If rap then ‘Żelipapą’.

Żelipapą (ksz ksz)
Żelipapą (ksz ksz)
Si bon, Si bon (ksz ksz)
Żelipapą (ksz ksz, oui)
Żelipa- Żelipapą (ksz ksz)
Żelipą- Żelipapą

[Second verse]
No disco polo, I’m doin’ that trap, oui.
Je suis Polonaise, oui, je m’apelle Jack.
(I’m Polish, yeah, my name’s Jack)
I’m gon’ take a puff, then I’ma blow it out.
I love the moment when THC entre mes lungs.
You don’t know if you should buy Citroën or Peugeot.
Buy yourself a Dacia, Renault’s logo resembles pussy after all.
Don’t forget about Lacoste flat topped peaked cap and le coq sportif.
I respect your French style (oui, oui) boo boo, mon chéri.
Pardon for my faux pas.
Everyone here has a dilemma à propos other people’s whips.
Copycating won’t help you, you dimwit.
It will still be wack.
They don’t know shit about shit. It’s ‘żelipapą’.

It’s been known for a long time.

‘It’s Poland not France élégance” , écoutes. *5


– I could swear that something’s burning.
– You must be mistaken, darling.
– Okay.
– Relax.

*1 Comme ci, comme ci, comme ça, voyage, voyage
Most likely it’s a reference to two once popular songs in Poland:

*2 “Not really bon ton, they’re copycats”
bon ton – sophisticated manners or breeding or fashionable society.
source: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/bon-ton
*3 Si qu’a la font, piss off, au revoir (oui, oui)
(Not 100 % sure about this one)
It’s an answer to a question ” Why you do that?” given by prostitutes or beggars on the
streets of Paris (in the 80s’ and earlier) who would spend all their money for champagne.
It means something like “that’s the way it is”.
source: forum.gazeta.pl/forum/w,591,834714,834714,Kto_zna_jezyk_francuski_.html
4* We’re more about ‘melange’
In colloquial Polish there’s a word ‘melanż’ (party) which sounds similar to French ‘melange’.
*5 ‘It’s Poland not France élégance – it’s a reference to WWO’ track

” Tak to wygląda”. It means that Poland isn’t/wasn’t as properous as France and that
since Paris is considered fashion capitol of the world people down there wear nicer clothes then Poles.

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