Ten Typ Mes – LOVEYOURLIFE (English lyrics)

[Translation provided by Kamil Michalik]

Lower Entrance on the beat (the beat)
For a song to be a hit it must be about love – LOVEYOURLIFE
“Love” is the best – LOVEYOURLIFE
and ” life” – LOVEYOURLIFE
There must be “life” and “love” – LOVEYOURLIFE
to get the effect – LOVEYOURLIFE

[Verse 1: Ten Typ Mes]
I’ve got a story for you about a guy from a small village who found a teddy bear.
The teddy bear says ” I will fulfill three wishes of yours.
I’m joking. Only one, homie but I promise I’ll do it.”
The guy says ” I want to fuck Edyta Herbuś. I want to pound that ass like a piece of meat.”
” No probs” says the teddy bear and they’re getting it on.
She gave him a key to the chambers of her big-ass luxury apartment.
Slower ? He moved in with her, ya dig?
Creams, photo shoots, banquets, sushi, opera.
Everyday she’s asking him when he’ll order her dream wall lamp
and he’s like “Are you fucking kidding me? Is it really that important?”
And when he’ll have an enema and if ‘Cynthia’ is a nice name for a girl.
“Cynthia, enema? I am supposed to have a hose put in my ass?
After a week the guy calls his brother. “She seems like an ordinary girl but you don’t know the half.
I don’t know why I’m talking like that but that’s what he says: ” You don’t know the half.”
Seriously, bro. I can’t do it anymore. Come and get me out of here! I want my life back!

[Chorus: Ten Typ Mes]
A fruit machine addicts.
Nice looking girls in beige pantyhose.
Plush teddy bear will pay you a visit.
Special teddy bear – engineer who will clear your soul of mines.
Always skint. You can tell just by looking at their hairstyle.
Healthy body but tired.
Plush teddy bear will visit you too.
Special teddy bear who’ll clear you soul of mines.


[second verse: Ten Typ Mes]

It was a generous teddy bear, bored a little bit.
He was travelling through villages and small cities.
That’s how he met Aneta. He thought he’ll raise standards with that one but he was wrong.
” Oh, boy. A teddy bear! I want a rich guy and a flat in Warsaw”
Next thing you know, she was in the capital with a businessman called Bruno.
But he wasn’t the usual guy. He wanted to put it in the other hole all the time and encouraged her to do drugs.
He used to introduce her to different directors and he would say:
“Anette, today we’ll have a little gangbang.”
Achy, she would drink out of boredom and due to lack of company.
Then Bruno would say: “You lagging behind my friends mistresses.
That’s why I have a gift for you in a form of a series of plastic surgeries. Don’t hesitate.
Next thing she remembers are bandages on her face and a nurse asking her:
” How are you feeling? Are you okay?”
Her tits, cheeks and lips are burning and she groans, I mean she says:
“I’m not even 22, I want my life back!”

I belive that my listeners are smart and that no moral is needed.
But then again, a story without a moral ain’t shit.
LOVEYOURLIFE, I repeat that over and over again.
But is it a revealing observation? Not really.
All those tabloid celebrities are only human.
They have the sulks, they snore, take a shit.
Teddy bear won’t tempt me on the 24th of December
and I won’t wail ” I want my life back!”
Cause I love my life, love my life.



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