The difference between a “Puto” and a “Poto”

“My father’s name was Otto, he didn’t like “putos”

Ever since rappers like SCH started blowing up, there’s been a lot of expressions that became popular.
One of the first ones that comes to mind is the word “Puto”.
It’s often mistaken, by non-French speakers, with the word “Poto”. A familiar way of saying “my friend”.
“Mon pote” (my friend) becomes “mon poto” (my homie).
“Puto” on the other hand, is a Spanish insult. French rappers use it a lot.
It’s basically the male version of a “Puta”, a bitch.
Or at least, that’s what it’s meant to mean when it’s used in French rap songs.
It’s also clost to the word “Pute” (bitch in French).
More than once I’ve seen non-French speakers, wrongfully explain to other non-French speakers, that Puto means friend in french…
Message to all those out there learning the language : if you ever happen to visit France, avoid calling people “puto”.
Unless that person really is a hijo de puto.


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