The true meaning behind Aya nakamura’s song Djadja

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Aya Nakamura finally opened up about the meaning behind “Djadja”.
The speculation was around the meaning of the line “en catchana baby tu dead ça”.
The whole world sang along to the track, but no one had the slightest idea of what “en catchana” meant. 😂😂
Everyone had their own interpretation.
Aya was invited on numerous TV shows where she finally gave a clear explanation to the lyrics.
Turns out “catchana” is the name of a sexual position, also known as “la levrette” (doggy style). “Tu dead ça” means you’re killing it, as in you’re doing it good.
And “djadja” is just the guy’s name.
She explained that Djadja is basically a liar, going around spreading lies that he had sex with her behind her back.
She’s making fun of him in the chorus, because he’s acting like he’s so good “en catchana”, whereas he never touched her.
It’s also worth mentioning that the single was #1 in Holland, a record that hasn’t been broken since Edith Piaf.



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