The true meaning behind Aya Nakamura’s song “Pookie”

With every new banger from Aya Nakamura comes it’s load of speculation concerning the meaning of the lyrics.
You can check out the meaning behind the smash hit “Djadja” here.
This time Aya was invited on the French TV show “C à Vous” where she clarified the meaning behind the song “Pookie“.
Once again everyone had it wrong 😂 🤦🏾‍♀️.
According to Aya you just have to understand the chorus.
Turns out the word “Pookie” is the short for “poukave”, a french slang word meaning snitch.
The “Side” is the name of her crew, the team she works with.
So in the chorus she’s with Le side and she’s simply saying to shut the door because she doesn’t want that “Pookie” getting all up in her business.
And that’s the whole mood/meaning of the song right there.


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  1. Hallo Aya Nakamura,i love your songs more so “Djadja” song.I Would love more this song if you translate it plz.Thankyou.

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