TOP 5 Realest Rappers in France

When it comes to this street-gangsta rap, we all know that there’s those who talk about it, and those who really lived it.
With this article we’ll give you our quick top 5 of who we consider to be the realest in France.


Ademo pnl

There’s probably never been such an accurate description of the drug game since PNL.
You can almost close your eyes and smell the pissy elevators.
The long and lonely days and nights down in the project-building’s hallway, the anxiety attacks at 6 A.M from knowing that the cops can break down your door at any moment…no one really spoke about that aspect of the game before the two brothers.
Back in 2011 Ademo got busted and sentenced to three and a half years for slangin dope.
He did his bid at the famous Fleury-Mérogis prison in Paris.
Word on the street is that when he got knocked, he left his little brother Nabil (N.O.S) in charge of the dope spot.



Booba might be one of the most successful rappers in the world today (his last concert gathered like 40 000 people), but at 21 he was on the run for armed robbery.
Got sentenced to 18 months for it. Did his bid, managed to get out after 6 months for good behavior.

In 2003 he did another 4 months.
As the story goes, things got very heated in the club one night, between him and two other guys, they went outside and shot it out on the parking lot, where one of the assailiants ended up with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
The eye witnesses and the victim both identified Booba as the shooter, but the rapper managed to beat the case.
This one was a close call, because he had just sign his record deal and it could have really fuck things up.



Back in 2016 the news broke that a 21 year old kid was busted with 2 kilos of cocaine in his trunk after a high speed chase with the cops.

He eventually ended up crashing the car, tried to make a run for it but ended up getting caught.

That kid today now goes by the name of MAES and his debut album ‘Les derniers salopards’ just went platinum.

The kind of “rags to riches” story we love to hear about.



Lacrim needs no introduction.
Dropped out of school at 11 years old.
Bounced around from foster home to foster home at 13.

At the age of 20 he had already spent a total of 4 years behind bars for all kinds of armed robberies.
He said in an interview that his parents just gave up on him at one point.

Started rapping in 2009, and blew up instantly. People just felt his pain, his voice and anger.

But back in 2012, just when his career was really starting to take off, his past life caught up with him.
He got sentenced to 4 years by a judge for an old armed robbery that took place in 2002 (10 years before).

From there, it was back to being a wanted man. He refused to turn himself in and was on the run for 8 months, after which he eventually turned himself in, after seeing his new born daughter, and his 5 year old son one last time.


coco tkt

Coco tkt is one bad motherfucker.
Most of you guys might have never heard of him, but he’s the real deal.

We’re talking big time banditry, “fiché au grand banditisme” (a whole other level in France).

Meaning he’s basically on a watch list for organized crime.

In 2006 he got sentenced to 8 years for robbing a Post office, escaped from jail, and dropped his first album while on the run “Retour aux sources”.

There was a documentary about him.

He got caught in 2014, finished his sentence and was released in 2015.

In 2016 he dropped his second album “Human Ex Thug” and swore that his criminal days were behind him.

He’s currently serving 5 years for another armed robbery comitted shortly after.


  1. kontra008

    Very interesting. I still hope for some interviews.
    Thanks for your work.

  2. Man I dont where you get all theses info but coco tkt is nobody . He dont have to be in this top 5. Make some research bro Im french I dont even know him. Just drop his name on youtube and see him for the 1st time ! I just saw a guy in jail who said coco dont worry ( tkt in english) is a scamer and hes not safe in jail everybody joue him

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