TPS ft. Kubi, Seraf – Podwójnie (English lyrics)

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Chorus: TPS x2

You’ll pay dearly for all the injustice and scars.
For all the stress, for the years I spent in the slammer, for the drough.
For all the lies and scams, for betraying my trust.
I still haven’t ran into some of them.
I finally got even.

[First verse: TPS]
The Bible says to forgive but there’s no halo over my head.
Vultures are preying on me but they’ll have their fingers burned.
Weeds are pulled up to make space for something beautiful to grow.
It only takes a moment to grow to hate someone.
I laugh at those who don’t give a fuck about anything.
Some feel uncomfortable in my presence, they want to have the things that I have.
That’s how life looks like with such people.
I got trusted friends, both on the outside and behind the bars.
I don’t need new ones.
Many didn’t want me to succeed.
Street rap is flowin’ from the speakers.
I don’t play to the gallery.
I think that is why they don’t like me – cause I’m not changin’ like others.
I’m expressing my views openly.
When someone is runnin’ his mouth he’ll get his ass kicked.


[Second verse: Kubi]

I’m playin’ with fire, ink is drippin’
and the rain is beating against the windowsill.
I don’t squander my time.
I was hanging out with the right people.
We were still coughin’ and someone asked about the smell.
We would play the leading part and he was just a supernumerary.
We used to wake up at noon and go for a breakfast at bistro.
As you get older you want more things. It fucks everyone up.
Helpin’ others is something one has to take in with one’s mother’s milk.
Focus on gettin’ that paper but don’t be a cunt.
Everybody would like to drive a phat ass whip and rock a fancy watch.
You’re out of reach, in the Schengen area.
You’re takin’ risks in order to line your pockets.
You don’t know what tomorrow holds.
You want to live a life of ease and in a stress-free way
but sometimes truce is impossible.


[Third verse: Seraf]
I’ve been watchin’ how one would steal from his homie.
I’ve learned over the years to keep my distance from this shit.
It will come back to bite them in their asses some day.
Many times I thought to myself ” Something’s wrong here.”
Things got hectic even though my ‘so-called’ homie was like ” yo, I got your back.”
I fobbed that phoney prick off and the sky got clearer.
I ain’t got no time for revenge, unless it means being indifferent, ice-cold.
Once the luck is on my side I won’t forget about people who stood by me
when haters wanted my downfall.
I don’t wish you any harm but don’t ask me how I’m doing.
Strangely enough things are shitty when you do.
We all gon’ end up six feet under
but I’m proud that I left a mark in this world.


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