Translation 101 barz – Boef Studiosessie 224 (English lyrics)

[Intro Rotjoch, Boef]
Ey Check it out. I am Rotjoch on your screen
Just Rotjoch
And I’m here with ”Gewoon Boef” (Just Boef) man
101 Barz, we’re gonna do that thing!

Last time we ended it on a positive note
Today we start positive
Thank you guys at home for the views on my last session
S/O to Rotjoch for sure,

[Verse 1]
Look, My mam was going broke so
I had to go make it bro
But I am on money brother
and it’s been like that for years
‘Cause I was radical,
And that phase was too
found stuff in your drawer or your closet
even in your vases too
It’s in my blood, bro, my dad’s like this too
I’m not even mean brother, judgements make me
I want a range, for my wife I bought a cabrio
And it takes the roof off, just like my latest show
I am on the streets, or I am on the beat
Driving but no DD (designated driver), controle but we dont stop
A lot is branded now, and you find that remarkable
Never enjoyed working bro but this rap game works nicely
Now I make big steps, but don’t wear Timbalands
Still with my Nikes on if I run inside somewhere
My boys unbeaten, you guys kicked them
Now you see me blow up, as if I’m a frog
The game has been finished bro, this is next level
Let them jump on train, never that I travel for sex
Boef on the track, hazardous like four bombs
De hood is fucking hot, tourist don’t come to sunbathe
They come to get stuff, or come to get hash
I am joined by cannibles bro, I can’t fail
Fuck a bitch, make her play with my money man
I boss her bro, even if she’s bold man
I remember well the time I sent Nadir my demo
He said ”you’ll be radiant” like chemo
Now i make bitches yell and forget the neighbours
But i remember the days in iso (isolation cell) bro, we watched walls
Stash spot for the Sosa yeah we ”borrowed” sheds
Now they’re more about the squares and they grow the pure ones
If it’s my ex’s birthday, I may buy her a lemon cake
Because she had that sour look, when she saw me doing well
The fame grew, the value in my room grew
Struggle is a word reserved for people from the hood
Run away or participate, I am in Dubai
You’re not even yourself, I see you copy, me
I’m a rider I have girls standing on my vehicle
And after my shows’ they’ll see me hit it like Yassin Baitar
Within a year I made it here, that must’ve hurt you
You stayed put on your ass, your chances have past you by
Now I’m lit writing things, I don’t do freestyles
‘Cause that don’t pay me, and I only fell in love with money
Now I’m taking big show money but used to be a thief
Before you looked away, so you see me now? Don’t greet me man.
Ay sneak rappers are dissing me and shit
keep that shit at home lil bro.

[Verse 2]
Wardrobe open, doubting will ”Gucci or Lacoste suit”?
I can clip shit in a Gucci or Lacoste suit
‘Cause I am boef, bro, the guy that they talk about
So high, but don’t do cellphone commercials
You just make commercials I have flows for haters
me, sea sick? come on bro, I am talking sailing
Shout out boys, we shipped those blocks
3 shows on 1 night, you see me rush for these shows
I’m talking bout I leave no chance untaken and
If it’s about money I don’t know about ”late”
You’re mad at your dad, that you gotta run on the streets but,
Go on become a man, and just be on your money
Rappers from my city claim they are sitting on dough
But still you borrowed my clothes when you had a show
I swear, should I still swear man? I swear they are broke
I don’t care, boys with big belts but we don’t row
Look, Boef is here, AKA Souf is here
Every month’s a holiday, bro I’ll send you a souvenir
But if I’m broke, I’ll be back and then Souf steals a kidney
Many that follow me, but don’t know my route
Why do you have to act like this? Money makes up for a lot.
That bitch tires my head, we gotta run for the feds
You gotta leave your house, have no place to go to
Here they go into your house, for your Gowtu (gold)
Ah bro, if you knew how I stalk those barbers
You’re not tough cause your dad’s on Dappermarket
Now I take clean cash, it used to be black market
EP Platinum, rappers suffered hart infarcts
Used to do robberies, not quite a role model
Police came in the case and they asked for images
Often court, not everything went formal
Sometimes addicts with sosa, as meal.
Broke but you judge the game I play
And I’m the captain, allow it and see me go brother
Paid it all back ’cause I hate fines
When I was locked up, there were only a few bro’s there in a difficult time
And they brought me the hash and some skins to go
But now I’m doing well, and my Mom is happy too
Tell those kids ”go to school, you shouldn’t do like me
’cause I am ruined bro”
Ey it’s Just Boef man, definitely i gotta do a big SO to Koevoet
He is still locked up. Officer of Justice is acting difficult
Fuck his mom
definitely S/O to those boysn in the back

[Verse 3]
Listen, look, I am still on the road, I gotta weigh something, wait
But not car issues, bro, I drive throughout the night
I didn’t even eat, and no, don’t have a big smile
I can’t fight, that gun made sure the big man went to ground
On the asfalt, smoke hash and then ash falls
S/O Esko, but I never enjoyed Class
Now I have clean cash, of course it comes in handy
I have a pack of hash, hot, as then hash sticks
We did things, never that there were dates here
You’re girls who blows me for a half, skateboard
Came from far homey, hard work pays off
Kamasutra with my wifey, issues with my tendrum or,
of my groin, you can say that I’m a lier
But I was always a thief, you can ask the street
Took things on my bicycle, was on the road for jobs
so, everytime I sleep, the blues suprised me.
I can’t live like a construction worker ev-e-ry-day
But know a girl in construction, fuck her ev-e-ry-day
I know boys who act though, though they don’t do shit
I call them pussies if they don’t do shit for money
Go chill, relax, why you gotta be mad?
We smoke haze broski, what I’m gonna do with kush?
I am a Boef (thief) now, and I was a Boef then
In the jail you press red, outside you better push green
Police can’t catch, mainly because of my stamina
My warriors from North Africa are on veggies like a paprika
I used to behind bars, but now I have plenty of bars
I was on the grind when I was with packs in the bar
Control, I go full throttle away from these bullies man
I am from the streets, you’re off the map homey, Kurdistan
And you’re mad cuz, your sis is in my hoodie man
Your bitches act bitchy cuz you behave like a pussy man
And I’m in the louis (LV) mood, only want to see those bricks
Your salary is what I make with my vlogs
You can hate me like ”Boef is no longer street and stuff”
But meanwhile I’m stacking paper, yeah man we are making dough
And that’s what I promised my mom, she produced me
So what are the streets to me, they ruined me
Can’t work for a boss, nah bro I’m not crazy
I’m on stacks, I’m on stacks, I’m on stacks, I’m on stacks,
Mother fucker
We are truly on these euro’s man.
You see these guys?
We are truly on these euro’s man.
S/O to Harun B for the next beat
You know what happend with Lauw right?
Hah, 072, 072
S/O to the street, the rest doesnt concern me

[Verse 4]
On a day I’ll be there where I wanted to be
I don’t need Willemijn, Bitches want my, money
Cause I eat, it’s dinnertime,
you rap childerns rhymes, I am in the hood
Every day is a day off so then I go off.
Don’t know if it’s wise, but those, girls I fuck
Or I’m chased by police with their sirene
You greet me? maybe you go to ground after that greet
I can’t greet, can’t play nice with theys fake people
It didn’t walk well, I asked Jopie to fix Runners
‘Cause for a tip, we came in action yeah
But Jopie drove recklessly, made an accident
It’s going well now but I can go better
Make the scene cold, look at your hater
Volkswagen, don’t even have a job
Sometimes flipflops yeah, but vete-ran
Still on the money that is Boef yeah
and we are pouring as if I’m in the shower
I am mad but nobody will understand
You are a virgin but in school you learn to fuck, right?
Stupid, 120 through a slippery corner
Buy everything for my mom, fuck what it costs
And the studio’s there, so I hang up
Block, calling with Jas, but i hang her, up
Cuz that chick makes my head tired
and money’s the reason i behave like this
running for police? why you gotta act mad?
If you’re broke, you gotta go look for the dough
Push white bro, consider it an anthem
And it could be I tame your sis and your Auntie
Hash is soft but they know I am hard.
A lotta love whenever I’m in your city, Boef!
Hey rotjoch man, we do one more?
> Lets go man, we gonna go and do it
Hah, we’re hot now man, ey!

[Verse 5]
My biggest hit, I was 19
I was with Evelien, she drank a bit of lean
Pillar of support, no probs if for a while you lean
And boef is hungry so I eat the scene
Not greedy on my bread, nah we sliced those
Same guy regardless of being famous
you’re bitch asked my number but I dont know
and there was no path, so I made the dream
Hungry, everyday at least one Shishtu
I am laying low, like your IQ
You used to be on tell me ”Who now, Who now, who now?”
In the studio with ho’s but no brothel
If you don’t eat, it may be that i share my plate
Are you really there, nah bro, you hear a lot
Running for the police yeah I exercise a lot
Stuff in the mix, cocktail
Tracksuit cheap but my clock a lot
Coming for your piece brother, also our piece
With Racist (guy in the back) ha, gene Lonsdale. BANG



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