Triple Go – Ketama (English lyrics)

1st verse :
White, white dove
Not so white anymore
Anti-Bomb heart
Smash your hips
I understood it all
Some Mint in the tea
You can’t breath well
All all blocked up
I won’t let you go
I would die for you
On your Vespa
They don’t know about it
I only speak for myslef
High in the darkness

Bridge :
This is for all my loners
Because the misery doesn’t unite you
I’m trying to manage with the few things that we master
Life isn’t a movie, we won’t makeover the scene
They would like to do like us but you have to bleed first
When you’re asleep, it’s like Nador back in the projects
Slowly but surely, I’m seeing them drop, ok
A dog with a bitch, we’re coupling

2nd verse :
I’ve got my heart
In my hand
In the end
Of the book
It’s over there
I saw her
I feel
I feel
At the beginning
I feel
I feel
At the beginning


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