TRIPLEGO – Sahara (English lyrics)

1st verse :
Wa3elash nsina mnin jina
Khelik m3aya, m3aya, m3aya
Rabbi ykhelik, ykhelik m3aya m3aya M3aya
Khelik m3aya
Matebkich a3lia
Matedich A3lia
Matekbkich a3lia
Matedich a3lich
Maghribia, Djazayria, Tunsia, Sahraouia, Loubnania, Souriya
W Bghitini Gheni A3lia, Gheni A3lia

Chorus (x2)
100 euros for you, 300 for my mother
Yé-ma là, y a ma Honda, very suspicious
100 euros for you, 300 for my mother
Yé-ma là, y a ma Honda, very suspicious

2nd verse :
In my 9-3, in my 9-3
Burning my blunt like a retard
I’m asking for forgiveness to the skies
But I have the wrong number
I taste her honey, I only fuck her, you would think she cut my wings off
My cirlce is small, ridiculous next to the rising sun
Alone with my pain with my remorses
And all those joys that only caused pain
I would have love to be like those sheeps
That run north, while deeply believing in it
The lord made me smarter, than all thoses ass holes, than all those people
Is this a gift or a torture ? I slow down my pulse with this good shit
Bro you think this is easy, my parents came from the old country
In order to procreate and create a son that is straight and proud and who could generate money
If only they knew that they have fail
If it’s not to win I no longer want to play
We’re more than clever, it’s not the first time that my style is praised
You pieces of shit
9.3.100 homie, she wants me with no condom
I’m saving up for the dowry and for the antidote
I’m lurking around, the fake flames on a broken down roof, broken down roof
Of a young insolent guy who is avoiding problem that he has to face

TRIPLEGO – Sahara (English lyrics)


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