Vienio feat. Kosi JWP – Uliczne legendy (English lyrics)

[First verse: Vienio and Kosi]
I’m thinking back to when I was discovering Boom-Bap.
Bunch of youngsters who knows their stuff (rap) inside out hangs out in these clubs.
‘Hybrydy’, ‘Remont’, (DJ) 600V with a skateboard in his hand. *1
Hip hop fans from different parts of Warsaw would meet up.
Funkyboost is playin’ in the background, I’m quickly gettin’ stoned.
It was the year when Travis was born.
Many people don’t like it, they can talk all they want.
Our people are fascinated by it, the rain falls down, Scandal breaks and boom! *2
Everyone digs hoodies, caps and baggy pants.
We wanted to be like Mobb Deep, B-Boys like Rock Steady.
To perform without no invoices, and to have our own van.
Back then no-one knew how they fuckin’ do it in USA. *3
Warsaw is like NYC, both crews and walls are fire. *4
We’re soaking it up in a moment, the same way walls are soaking up spray paint.
We’re funky fresh (as in cool, hot, in style).
First cd pressings, we’ve got ’em beats on vinyls.

Yes, yes, these are the street legends.
We’re doin’ our thang, we’re not tryin’ to win anyone’s favour.
No, no, it’s not only about chedda.
I would give everything to experience it all again.
Each one of us gave up a little part of themselves.
History is being made in front of our eyes.
Yes, yes. I still firmly believe
that each one of us is a street legend.

[Second verse: Vienio]
We’re not contracted to major record labels anymore,
they’re nothin’ but blood-suckers.
We’re boostin’ our own labels.
Competition in different cities.
I remember Das-EFX concert and Gang Starr performin’ in Służewiec.
Another song, professional tour.
Minibus covered in ads rolls along the streets of Poland.
Long awaited news, cause rap lives outside of the clubs too.
A colourful crowd was on its way to Giżycko. *5

[Third verse: Kosi]
We’re doin’ good, first concerts in the States.
Scotland, England, Netherlands, second generation of rappers in Poland.
We’re hungry, stronger than ever, and we’ve got mad skillz.
People are engaged in battles on social media, haters are venting their gall on others.
Things are runnin’ smoothly, many people want to set new trends.
They don’t need to drink to have their own brands (play on words)*6
These are city legends, spots, favourable time. *7
We’re not tryin’ to win anyone’s favour, that’s how you’ll recognize us.


[Fourth verse: Vienio & Kosi]
The next generation is the lucky one. *8
They want to warm themselves up with that fame
and scream ‘ Oh, baby’ while performin’.
And they want everything straight away.
It’s clearly apparent that hip hop is like (king) Midas.
Everything it touches turns into gold.
What’s going to happen now? I don’t know.
But I do know that one day someone will
tell the story of street legends.


Molesta, ZIP Skład, Kasta, WFD
WWO, Kaliber
PFK, WYP3, Płomień, PCP
600V, JWP
P3E, EWC, WTK, Scrap Beats
Broken Steps, Bee-Pop
Rockafellaz, Flesh Boyz
Azizi Hustlazz
These are street legends.

*1 ‘Hybrydy’ and ‘Remont’ are clubs in Warsaw where DJ 600V threw parties.
*2 Kosi is paying homage to two legendary Polish rap crews – Warszafski Deszcz (Warsaw’s
Rain) and Molesta Ewenement (Vienio was a co-founder and member of the group)
Their debut album from 1998 was called ‘Skandal’ (Scandal) .
*3 He’s talkin’ about both organizational and technical sides of the biz.
*4 I’m not sure if I haven’t misinterpreted that sentence.
original text: “WWA jak NYC, tu płoną składy i ściany”.
English translation: Warsaw is like NYC, both crews and walls are fire (as in incredible, hot,
crazy, nice etc.) Polish verb ‘płonąć’ means ‘to burn’. In addition, Kosi has a passion for
graffiti which leads me to believe that ‘burn’ is connected with (graffiti) term ‘burner’ but
it’s just a guess.
*5 He’s referring to ‘Mazury Hip Hop Festival’, the oldest one in Poland, which is
held in amphitheatre at the Boyen Fortress in Giżycko (northeastern Poland)
*6 original text: ” Nie muszą pić tu alko by mieć swoje brandy”
English translation: “They don’t need to drink to have their own brands.”
‘Brandy’ can mean both ‘alcohol’ and ‘make’ (clothes, alcohol)
*7 original text: ” To z miasta legendy, spoty, dobry czas”.
‘Dobry czas’ can mean both ‘favourable time’ or ‘enjoying oneself’
*8 New/young rappers are lucky because the ‘foundations’ (record companies
festivals, sponsors, media attention) have already been laid.


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