WEJDENE – 16 (English lyrics)

Intro :
Yeah, hello ? Yeah, Wejdene, this is Feuneu. Eh, call back your mother, she told me that you weren’t around much lately, that you’re absent, you work too much. Comfort her, give her a call

Unique verse :
You know Mom, I do this for you, the mula is for you
3 – 4 thousand euros per week, it doesn’t cost me an arm
There’s too many jealous people so I keep away from them
I’m still a child but hey, homie, I’m investing
I walk alone, I don’t like being bothered
But sometimes, I swear I feel like smacking some of them
But if I ever do it, it’ll be over for me, it’s gonna end up Trending on Tweeter
I signed a big contract, I’m no longer in debts
By the way, I don’t have anymore friends, they all ditched me
They thought that I was going well when actually I was hurt
They were criticizing me, putting me down, so I’m over with them
I’m occupied, if you want to talk, go see Feuneu
Go see Feuneu, I won’t answer
I get criticized 24/7, yet I’m not the type to show off
You need money, I’ll give you some, you need advices, I’ll give you some
But little by little, people started to take me for a fool
Nothing but hypocrites who come around you out of interest
I was told : “Wejdene, you better be tough around here”
I can’t find the words, but still I swear that I love you
I have money but I don’t sleep, damn, I’m so pissed
By the way, I don’t have anymore boyfriend
They’re coming back now that I’m successfull, since those big cheques
But I’m happy single, don’t worry homie
You can’t have me, here, I’ll pass my friend over to you
And by the way, the traitors, I didn’t talk about you
We told ourselves that we were friends today, friends until the end
But at the first problem, you guys are quick to turn your backs on me
I’m disgusted, I’m crying alone, I’m going shopping
Yeah, I’m no longer poor, that’s my past
Everyday, I’m in the studio, and you were putting me down
I’m a little queen whether you like it or not, it’s in my blood
It hasn’t even been a year and you can hear some Wejdene being played everywhere

Outro :
Yeah Feuneu, tell her that I’m in the studio and I’ll be soon be home. I’m gonna call her back

WEJDENE – 16 (English lyrics)


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