White House Records ft. WWO – Każdy ponad każdym (English lyrics)

*Translation shared on Facebook by Sokol himself !!!*

[First verse: Sokół]
Marysia was in bit of a shock. Proud as a peacock.
Quite curvaceous, smart. Girlfriend material.
She wanted to chill out and went for a pizza
somewhere in north Śródmieście area.
She was writing him a text.
She thought to herself that she feels kinda like
the first time she gave a paper downloaded from the internet for checking.
But this time the excitement was bigger.
Today she cheated on Rysiek for the first time.
She felt better than him and that she deserves better.
Ryszard – cabbie working on a freelance basis.
He met Marysia three years ago during holidays.
Apart from cuckolding him today she also has her master’s defense.
She’s super nervous so she’s stuffing herself with double pepperoni.
Although she usually watches her figure, this time she doesn’t give a fuck.
Now few words about him. Rysio – taxi driver.
Similarities with ” Klan” are coincidental. (Polish soap opera in which there was a
character named Rysio/Ryszard who was also a taxi driver)
He’s overcharging his client, using Rate 4.
She’s pissing him off cause she smells of greengrocer’s.
He’s looking over his shoulder to check if she’s not leaving any dirt on the back seat.
Meanwhile Janina, that’s the name of the hag,
is thinking about the dubious lout who’s driving the cab.
This is the last time she’s catching a taxi on the street.
She doesn’t do it too often. She spends most of her time
at her son-in-law’s fruit and vegetable shop.
But he’s not in today and hoodlums with knives showed up again.
Janina cannot take it anymore.
And even though he forbade her to report this to the police,
cause it may only make things worse,
she closes the shop, put the takings in an envelope, catches a taxi
and heads to the police station.

[Chorus: Sokół]
Everyone is looking down on others – sons of bitches!
Treating another person as if he/she was nothing.
Everyone is the smartest – fuckers – they think they’re special.
Everyone, unfortunately…
Words fail me when I see such attitude.

[Second verse: Sokół]
Some time ago a guy named Grzegorz
left his village and moved to the capital city in search for a better life.
He knows a guy from his county who works in a pizza parlour since ’99.
The dude’s name is Karol. He’s in the “dough business”.
Grzegorz decided to try his hand at catering himself.
He got out at Warsaw East Station.
Happy that he didn’t pay for the ticket.
He spent the trip in the toilet and smelled of shit afterwards.
His legs were a bit numb but who gives a fuck, right?
He was happy that he saved a few quid. Please…
A bit confused Grzegorz was askin’ people about the way to the pizza parlour,
when all of a sudden he was approached by patrolmen.
He starts to explain that he’s on his way to see a friend.
He looked like an ordinary guy
but had a brown sweater and violet sweatpants on him.
He matched the description perfectly.
He was cursing, apologizing, jawing away.
Later that day. Ms Janina closes the door of Rysio’s cab.
” What a thief ” she’s thinking to herself.
“POLICE” sign. She enters the bulding, testifies.
Line-ups are usually a fuckin’ joke.
They’re just rounding up whoever.
And even though there are few young men standing in front of her
she’s certain that it’s the guy in violet sweatpants and brown sweater.
Grześ is completely stunned, copper strokes his moustache.
He holds them both in contempt.
Grześ is like, but I just got here!
But he dodged the fare and screwed himself over.
And that’s that.

[Chorus: Sokół]

[Third verse: Sokół]
Unsuspecting Karol made few pizzas.
He wasn’t aware that Grześ was on his way to see him.
As usual, clients came to eat.
Sometime around 2 p.m. friend of his came up with a dope ass idea.
To put LSD in pepperoni.
Someone will eat it unconsciously.
Who is who?
Check this out.
The very same Marysia, cabbie’s girlfriend, ate the pizza.
And as you can imagine the exam she’s about to take may not go well.
She thought that the pizzeria’s employees were checking her out
cause she’s the most beautiful chick in the neighbourhood.
I, being the storyteller, wished that they knew she was just
about to have her master’s defense. They would be laughing their asses off.
But they’ve witnessed her first acid trip.
Sweat drops on her forehead were shining like diamonds.
Karol and his crew are having a blast. She’s euphoric. For now.
Believe me when I say she was ultra-shocked.
She reached the pith and core of the subject matter.
She decided to share it with her examiners.
Sunday victims and torturers.
Everyone looks down on others – everyone’s the smartest.
Old Janina is sitting in a rocking chair, thinking about Grześ.
“Why I’ve done this?”
She wasn’t hundred percent sure, but pointed her finger at him.
Today she had the upper hand in this unfair fight.
To her all these young, bald men are the same. Scum!
She really thinks that way.
Karol finished work around that time.
He was laughing about the prank he played on the girl.
Then all of a sudden – flashback.
And even though he hasn’t seen Grześ for ages
I could swear he started recollecting his homeland.
He was standing there for awhile, looking abashed.
Here’s what went down.
Beer-house. Evening time.
Local birds. Karol and Grześ are sitting by the table.
Grzegorz peed in a mug and Karol drank it unconsciously.
Some fuckin’ prank.
And…back to reality. Bus stop near the pizzeria.
Karol, few lads and hidden pain.
Ryszard – the cabbie is eating French bread pizza
from a food stand situated near the Palace of Culture and Science.
Neoplan stopped nearby.
Two female tourists got out. They look quite young.
Rysiu turns his head and start checkin’ them out.
Both got nice legs, decent size breasts and cute face.
He would fuck them both hard
He took a last bite
and glanced at a guy in “PROSTO” sweatshirt
as the bloke was getting into a cab.
“Where to?” he asked
and lets finish the story here.

The song is available on Whitehouse’s album “Kodeks 2: Proces”. It’s a compilation of tracks from various artists, a mixture of different musical genres, such as: jazz, reggae, R’n’B or funk. T-Mobile Music made a list of 120
most important Polish rap songs. ” Każdy ponad każdym” reached top 50 (no. 49)
source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodex_2:_Proces
For more information go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWO

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