Włodi & 1988 – Wyobraź sobie (remix) English lyrics

[First verse]
Imagine achiving happiness with little or no effort.
Writing lyrics has never been easier.
Auction house took your watercolour series and collages
to estimate their value.
They paid top dollar for them even though your name doesn’t ring a bell.
You’re always smiling.
You’ve got a large audience and your own programme about substances.
You’re a virtuoso and your financial instruments are “well-tuned”.
You’ve always wanted to have a coffee shop?
Imagine that now you’ve got a 24-hour shopping mall.
People are coming in droves
and you’re playing Tekken with your employees at the back.
Your life is like a dream, just imagine
that all the things I just rapped about aren’t a lie.

[Second verse]
Imagine that you’re a guest in breakfast television programme
where you’re celebrating weed becoming legal.
You became an important figure.
You used to pay for weed and now they’re payin’ you.
You’re gettin’ props from President. For what? Who the fuck knows.
Warsaw resembles Amsterdam.
Everything’s modernized.
You’re gettin’ your gear delivered by drone.
Imagine that the crime rate is dropping.
That someone else started Molesta (a rap group of which Włodi was both
member and co-founder of
Białas (rapper) had a different idol than me.
Different rolling papers have a watermark with your image on it.
You’re drivin’ a Tesla but it smokes like a diesel.
These are all sweet lies but we’re scared to admit it.

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