YUZMV – Episode 1 (English lyrics)

1st verse :
I’m losing my mind, but you don’t know it
I’m hearing voices as if I was living in the hospital
Come let’s go far from here, all the way to Nevada (to Nevada)
Our eyes meet, it hurts more than hematoma
I’m in front of you here, I remember your name
I regret your love, I feel like King in front of Diane
I could die for you, a mermaid tear
In your glass and in mines it’s gonna be a secret
Why do you cry when you look at me dying ?
My heart is in pain baby, you can’t open it
There’s more than one safety lock on it, I can’t offer it to you
I’ll give you my knife if life only holds on one thread

2nd verse :
I’m living my life like a cartoon
Every time I win, you lose everything
Kiss me my beauty, there’s a war outside
If I don’t make it back, it’s because I’m out searching for gold
I didn’t do much in 21 years
Afraid of failing, inventing myself a name
I’m still thinking about my life, it’s now
I’m leaving, leave with me if you don’t have anyone
You know my beauty, my heart is black
But I remain invincible inside my head
I can’t become one of their characters
I wonder why you’re sad
Give me your hand when you’re going down
If we don’t make if we’ll cheat
I can see that my love goes at 200 km/h

YUZMV – Episode 1 (English lyrics)


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