ZdR ft. Prodigy, Big Twins – Świat jest mój (English lyrics)

First single from ZdR’s upcoming album, recorded with Big Twins of The Infamous Mobb and late Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Also music producer/sound designer Milionbeats who’s behind the album ” Le rap français vu de la Pologne” contributed to the track.

[   ] – Means I’m not sure if I heard it correctly.

[First verse: Big Twins]
The world is mine, I put it in my back pocket
You can’t stop it, Infamous, we stay poppin’
We got no option, the haters be cock blockin’
Bitches flockin’, they do what I say dun
Brave hearted, we always get the party started
IM3 in this bitch, they say we all talking
From now I’mma live it, try to get rich
Queensbridge is the backbone
When you ready to ride it’s like a cyclone
Keep the clique tight, I’m in my own zone
Stay home, I don’t really hang out, kid
Don’t trust a soul but my plastic
I seen my twin in a casket
It hurt to the heart, it was tragic
Imagine me getting big chip
But we stay on point with the 45

[Second verse: TPS]
From a small (prison) cell to the streets of Poland and foreign lands.
Horizons broaden with ink not chalk.
I’ve been taught to hustle, I don’t fuck with death.
I still got a lot to do before I die.
My life is portrayed in those tracks.
ZDR, the Grim Reaper is waitin’ somewhere.
Snitches must be punked.
Address on a postcard on which corrections officer puts a stamp on.
Time stopped. I’ve learned things, now I’m putting it into use.
Tomorrow I’ll have more. I need to buy shit, you know I’m sayin’?
I want stacks (of cash) , everything I’ve been waitin’ for.
He bettered himself, minus the time spent in the slammer.
I smoke weed to calm myself down. I know what I gotta do.
Finally things are lookin’ good.
New album, I need to find a place for myself in this crowd.
Why? Cause I can. I took the right path.

[Third verse: Murzyn]
One has to accept all the necessary lies
just like the truth which is too hard to swallow.
How to come to terms with reality, where to look for a way out,
who’s goin’ to help you?
Lay a hand on her and I’ll shank you.
She won’t turn a blind eye, she’s raising children not cared for.
She teaches you to keep your mouth shut.
If you got the dough, remember to keep it hush-hush.
I wasn’t burnin’ bridges, I don’t own anything to anyone.
Man should be economical with his words.
I’m swearing an oath.
If you’re losin’ something, it means you haven’t learned anything.
Dear Lord, please keep me safe.
You can live a peaceful life or take the job.
Suffer the consequences, you won’t make more (money).
You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud, too.
My own world, plata o plomo.

[Fourth verse: Dobo]
The world is ours, everything is within arm’s reach.
Life is beautiful and it doesn’t have to be a torment.
Sometimes it grabes you by the throat like a pitbull.
You need to be hard like titanium.
ZdR with another album, streets chronicles.
If shit hits the fan remember to keep your mouth shut
or you’ll be dethroned, you halfwit.
Always remember to get rid of weak links.
If someone doesn’t seem reliable, tell him to push off
before he shows his dark side.
He’ll throw his partners under the bus to save his own skin.
I’m rapping about what them streets taught me.
Downtown front, 26-600, capital of tiredness.
The Infamous Mobb graced us with their presence on this track.
This is our world, even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

[Fifth verse: Prodigy]
Honest like a little kid, when it come to rap shit
I destroy your favorite artist with one sixteen
I’m that good, throw me on the beat, I will show you how it should sound like, fuckin’ right
Infamous for life, even when I’m dead
Anything I spit is [still] like live on forever and ever
I’m still here, you can’t escape my rap
[His soul not there]
Got these rap niggas tryin’ so hard to write though
Shit, the young niggas really upset
I’m still flowin’, oh, you think you the shit now?
You trash, nigga got a bottle and watch
Now he gassed (up), fuck is that you wearin’?
You should take a long walk off a tall cliff
Nobody is caring about the things you can show off
Lemme hear you rap. All that shit you be talking
Nigga, where it at?

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