ZERMI 50k English lyrics

Intro :
We don’t dream anymore homie we only have nightmares
Too many bars of hash was sold too many brothers ended up in the slammers
I’m emptying my head bro I’m tired of emptying out my pockets
I’m waiting for us to leave, waiting to fire bullets
You’ve got your Beretta but you don’t dare us it

1st verse :
Rappers are whack I won’t tell it to you again
The days repeat themselves, there’s nothing much to celebrate
Let’s bring out the Audi TT
Gotta keep away from the struggle
I drop the top back in summer, come get your coke or come get your ass whooped
I’m in the projects, I gotta do my thing, my brother got busted
I’m conceited and stubborn, smoking a big blunt of weed, hello sweetie come suck my dick
Coco unlike Total this is pequieno Tony Sosa
I’m in the dope spot I want mula not your pussy
Dans l’programme trou d’balle (??)
In the dope spot never too late
The weed is greasy the hash is dope
When are we getting away from here fam’ ?
I’m blocked in the projects
Make some room for me
People light you up for nothing
My head is always hurting, the cops, the worries, they spray you up
You threw gas on the fire
Bro, I put my revenge in the fridge
Slangin’, weighing, by the way we’ve got some weed
La tu trouve sa petit bah y’a l’rageux offert (??)
I’m in the dope spot, give me a million and I’m set, so I fly
I showed that I had balls
I swear I’m doing my thing
In the battle

2nd verse :
Homie, you’re on the wrong path
You’ve got a 9 mili’ but you’re not old enough
And so I keep smoking and smoking
Back in school I used to sit at the back
I pull the gun out, I don’t lift weight
Homie, you’re gonna run real fast
Let me handle my business in the peace
Homie, my future isn’t stable
I’m in the dope spot at the back with
The team (??)
We can put holes in you like Swiss Cheese
I’m with Climsé
I gotta holla at Billsa
For him to pass me his plexi plexi
And the hash excites you even if it stinks like Pepsi
2spi samina série dans taxi (??)
I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a kid
I got that dope shit bro, if I let them smoke on it they’re gonna have a seizure
I swear to you that pleasure did no signs to me
So I’m going deeper on the illegal route
I’m seeing brothers doing sentences
So I dip whenever I see the cops
You betrayed me I turned the pa-page
I think like a madman, I sticking around
When you’re on the road to success
homie, the misery tries to block you
I swear that I’m pissed off
I’m overthinking things, what’s the point I’m just going deeper
Touch my sister homie I’ll light you up right away, I won’t fuck you up

outro :
Which one of my brothers are real, I’m asking myself questions
I’ll make a million for sure, if I slang the whole case

Chorus :
I’m going deeper, I’m only half of what I wanted to become
I’m waiting to burn the C4, I’m waiting to see my mother smile
A villa near the ocean, that’s what I would offer her if I ever get out this shit
Trois rgards chance c’est layper (??)
We slang dope but I swear, things are tough (X2)

50k – Zermi, English lyrics


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