Zeus – Hipotermia (English Lyrics)

1st Verse :
I don’t know what happened to me
Something changed the light into darkness #negative
Last two years were tough
I feel again like a loser
because everything is falling apart except the wall in front of me
I kept telling myself: “Change something” and I did
I went far away. It turned out to be ephemeral
I’m at the same point in life I was few years ago
but my eyes have lost their old sparkle somewhere along the way
Wasn’t it for these push-ups and sit-ups which I’m doing systematically
I wouldn’t even have the strength to get up from the bed
I’m not available on the phone, homie
Again I don’t feel like talking to anyone
I feel blue, I don’t give a fuck about responding to e-mails
I don’t need anyone to pay me a visit
unless you have some prescribed drugs for me
I’m taking the ones I have but they don’t seem to work
How much of this shit will bring back my zest for life?

Chorus :
Cold wind blows remnants of unfulfilled dreams about
somewhere deep down at the bottom of my cold heart
And I can’t find the light in me even in broad daylight

2nd Verse :
I think I’m obsessed with guns and the sound they make.
Even though I was trying really hard to avoid military draft
now I need to have this “click clack, bang
cziki pow, bloaw” or some other sound on each album
I can’t get this thought out of my head
Why do I like to place finger gun to the side of my head?
Emotional sinusoids (mood changes), my own brain treats me
to various journeys, from K-2 (euphoria) to Mariana Trench (depression)
I used to think alcohol was the root cause of my problems
I’ve stopped drinking cause I saw how it was corrupting me
I wanted this to work out. It was supposed to be easy
but I’ve changed into a lout who was spoiling your night outs instead
You didn’t deserve to had to deal with my frustrations
and I didn’t want you to find me with a hole in my head
* I thought about Nirvana many times
One shot. Just like in Kurt Cobain’s case.
That’s how I got this “whatever, nevermind” tattoo on my chest (POW!)

Chorus (x2) :

Cold wind blows remnants of unfulfilled dreams about
somewhere deep down at the bottom of my cold heart
And I can’t find the light in me even in broad daylight

3rd Verse :
Punctuation is an intrinsic element of my life
Self-destruction. She’s a good, loyal friend of mine
My Public Enemy Number One, an enemy at each gate
Whenever I experience loneliness she makes her presence felt
She doesn’t care if my idea is right
When she sits next to me I’m starting to see the world through a dirty mosquito net
and things like chedda, my career or fans are no longer important.
Once again I’m this shy kid from my school days
I’ve staked everything on one card in a game in which the main prize are my dreams
I’m a madman who hasn’t lost hope yet
There ain’t nothing in this world for free
I’d like to hear what others have to say
My friends finished college, started up families
I’m different. It’s something that used to make me feel proud
Am I going to find happiness or will I die
feeling miserable like now? I’m not sure anymore,
but I know from my own experience
that one shouldn’t leave a screening room until the movie is finished

Notes/Titbits :
He was contemplating suicide just like Kurt Cobain – leader of the band ” Nirvana” who shot himself.
“Whatever, nevermind” phrase which Zeus tattooed on his chest appears in one of Nirvana’s songs ” Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Moreover, in Dharmic religions the term “nirvana”means the end of suffering. The person who’s in the state of nirvana is free from both suffering and the things that caused it.

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